Wanda & Lilith (spayed)

Sisters Wanda and Lilith were part of a large seizure at the Montreal SPCA. We have very little information about them, except that it’s suspected they were originally bred to be snake food. The Montreal SPCA found themselves with over 50 rats and very little space, so these two were transferred to us to give them a better chance of being adopted.

Unfortunately Wanda and Lilith arrived extremely scared. They would literally scream every time you touch them or even attempt to pick them up. Lilith would actually bite, extremely hard, out of fear.

After about 4 months with the Rescue, we have finally won their trust and while these girls are still not the biggest fans of being held or touched in general, they are now curious, playful and understand that humans are there to care of them, not hurt them.

Wanda has a tilted head from a previous inner ear infection. Of the two, she is the harder one to hold as she will squirm and try to wiggle her way out. It doesn’t help that her balance also isn’t the best. She has never bitten though and is much more food motivated then her sister Lilith.

Lilith has the cutest dark smudge on her nose, but don’t let her innocent appearance fool you. She WILL still give you a stern warning nip if you startle her or try to touch her when she’s not prepared. All it takes is to gently tell her “no” and don’t move too quickly and she will realize you’re not trying to hurt her and she will stop nipping.

We estimate both girls were born some time in May of 2023.

We would strongly prefer that these girls be adopted to join either an existing colony or into a home where someone has experience with rats and realistic expectations of how quickly these girls will progress to trust you. They definitely are the kind of rats who need time to warm up to their human. But the effort will ultimately be worth it!

If you have the patience, love and experience to give these girls the forever home they deserve, please do fill out an Adoption Application form.

Since these girls are spayed, their adoption fee is $200 (total).