Paris and Fidji

Paris and Fidji are estimated to be born some time in July of 2022 making them approximately 1 year 6 months old. Both of them were purchased from Pet Circus in downtown Ottawa, however, their previous owner decided she could no longer handle them due to some behavioral and health issues.

Below are a few words from their foster family:

Paris: She is a very active girl. Paris loves to climb all over us and give us kisses. Of the bunch, she is the most fearless and fast as lightning!

Fidji: She is a big time cuddler. Fidji will hang out on your shoulders and loves being gently petted when in her hammock. She also loves her naps and doesn’t care much to get up, even for a snack. Fidji originally had some respiratory symptoms, but has been cleared by our vet (for now). She has a standing prescription with our vet in case these symptoms return.

Due to their age, Paris and Fidji must be adopted with Sydney and Gaia, or into a home with an existing colony of rats.

To apply to adopt these beautiful girls, please fill out an Adoption Application form.