Sydney and Gaia

Update: May 15, 2024. Unfortunately Sydney very rapidly developed symptoms of congestive heart failure. While she initially responded very well to lasiks + antibiotics, over the May long weekend, she had a sudden and severe decline. The foster, along with the rescue and our vet made the call to say goodbye to Sydney.

Sydney and Gaia are estimated to be born some time in October of 2022 making them approximately 1 year 3 months old. Both of them were purchased from Pet Circus in downtown Ottawa, however, their previous owner decided she could no longer handle them due to some behavioral issues.

Below are a few words from their foster family:

Sydney: She is a little shy and is unsure about hands in her cage. She unfortunately will nip very hard if your hands enter the cage (which she considers her “safe space”). She thankfully doesn’t nip once outside the cage. The foster is working with her to try to break this habit. Other then that, Sydney has the most innocent little face and likes to cuddle with her rat friends.

Gaia: She is the foodie of the group. Gaia likes to each everything and goes crazy for peas and cherries. She’s always the first one to come say “hi” at the front of the cage.

Due to their age, Sydney and Gaia must be adopted with Paris and Fidji.

To apply to adopt these beautiful girls, please fill out an Adoption Application form.